1. A photographer approved to work on the floor level shall secure from the media coordinator or representative an armband before the first game of each session. All other photographers are restricted to the upper photography areas.
  2. Individuals assigned by the media coordinator to assist photographers on the floor and upper photography levels will provide armbands, copies of photo policies, photographers programs and/or speed cards. Photographers should claim play-by-play statistics in the statistical control center.
  3. Photographers working the floor level are restricted to the "photographer's box" at each end of the playing court as noted below.
  4. The media coordinator will assign reserved spaces for each floor photographer in the "photographer's box."
  5. At no time may photographers work from directly behind the official table and team benches.
  6. Photographers may work from the following areas:
    • Practice day: End zones or behind Row No. 2 of the courtside media area.
    • Game Day From the Beginning of Pregame Warmups Until End of Game: End zones only
    • Between Games of a Session: End zones or along the sideline opposite the team benches, to shoot the postgame celebration. When the celebration ends, the photographers must return to their end zone positions.
    • After the Last Game of a Session: Anywhere on the courtside apron or behind Row No. 2 of the courtside media area to shoot the postgame celebration or the awards ceremony.
  7. A photographer assigned to the second photo row may sit on an elevation not more than six inches high.
  8. Couriers: Couriers and technicians shall not photograph game action. Mike Feldman, Associated Press, New York, will coordinate the assignment of couriers for AP and most newspapers. Reuters will coordinate the assignment of its couriers. No individual agency may receive a photo courier credential.
  9. Only couriers have "in-and-out" access to the arena and these individuals are required to display a credential and an armband. They shall not loiter around the playing court or obstruct the view of any ticket patron.
  10. No photography equipment (i.e., cameras, strobes) shall be attached to the backboard or goal standards.
  11. The media coordinator may approve "special need" requests to place photography equipment in upper arena areas or under the first row of press tales opposite the official table. Cameras may not protrude more than four inches from under the draping. The media coordinator should consult with Bill Hancock before authorizing an unmanned camera at any court position.
  12. Cameras shall not be installed over the playing court without special permission from the media coordinator. If permission is granted, the camera shall be double secured and in position 24 hours before the start of the first game. Requests for such placement shall be made to the media coordinator before March 1.
  13. No tripod may be placed on or beside the playing floor.
  14. A still photographer shall not use a flash attachment to the camera or any other courtside location.
  15. Photographers will not be admitted to any potential working position over the playing court from 60 minutes before the first game of a session until 30 minutes after the second game.
  16. Newspapers covering a particular team are not guaranteed a floor location when that team is not playing.
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