Suggested settings for the Canon EOS 1D
Please note that these suggestions are a guide. Many custom function settings will be to the photographer's individual preferences, but leaving these few set as below will assure that anyone who picks up the camera will start off right. That's important for shared equipment.
First menu screen
Custom WB set white balance from an image you shoot of a gray card
Color matrix 4 (Adobe RGB); this setting is applied to JPEGs created in camera
RAW+JPEG rec use RAW+(smooth) L
Review off. (If on, the image pops up on the screen automatically after each exposure.)
Noise Reduction off; turn on for long exposures. When activated, the camera will lock up for the same amount of time as the original exposure. So if you have a 10 second exposure, you cannot shoot anything for 10 seconds after the original exposure.
Second menu screen
Highlight alert on -- overexposed areas of the image blinks
Third menu screen
Auto Power Off Will shut off the camera after a set period of inactivity.
File numbering Continuous
Format Format each card before use.
Fourth menu screen: Custom Functions
00 1 - setting for the 1D default focus screen
01 1 - viewfinder displays information during exposure
02 1 - can't release shutter if no card in camera
03 1 - allows shooting 100 ASA (L) and 3200 ASA (H)
04 1 - sets back button for focusing and shutter for auto exposure lock
05 2 - can set aperture even if no lens on body
06 0 - 1/3 stop increments
07 0 - after focus locks in one-shot mode, the focusing ring will not work
08 0 - remaining shots displayed on top LCD, file number on back LCD
09 0 - sets auto exposure bracketing order and cancels aeb if lens is changed or power turned off
10 0 - AF point illuminates in the viewfinder
11 0 - sets which buttons you want to use to change AF points
12 0 - setting this to 1 locks up the mirror
13 1 - limits selectable AF points to 11 and links spot metering to the active AF point
14 1 - sets consistent flash output
15 0 - 1st curtain flash sync
16 0 - disables safety shift in Av or Tv mode
17 1 - focus area when using a single point for auto focus. (this was changed 4/25/2002 from 2, a larger area)
18 1 - switch to registered AF point with one button push
19 0 - controls the lens' AF stop button
20 2 - AF won't be thrown off too easily by a subject passing in front

You can save up to three complete settings as a custom function group by using the "Personal Functions" right below the custom functions.

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