NOTE: Please transmit only requested photos (meaning that you and the photo editor have discussed that this image is going to be sent to us). The information on this page should, under no circumstances, be used to send portfolios or similar promotional material, nor should it be used to send suggestions or nominations for publication in Sports Illustrated Magazine or


Camera Setting Info:

• The camera should be set to capture Raw + Jpeg (jpeg no larger than 1mb), if that is not possible then jpegs must be created from the raw before images are sent. We cannot process images through our system without both a raw and jpeg image with matching names.

• Please set jpegs to sRGB color space

• Auto rotate set to On

• Correct date and time set within camera

You will be using Photomechanic to transfer the images to us, please follow the Photomechanic guideline document supplied by your editor, or contact us if you have any questions.


• You will receive an XMP file and the Photomechanic guidelines from your editor and Techs.

• Ingest images using the naming convention given: X#_TK#_{seqn} (please input your X-number and TK for your assignment, Example: X157237_TK1_{seqn}, the underscores are very important, there should be NO spaces in the filename).

• Send the entire take to your editor (all jpegs only first) using the upload feature in Photomechanic making sure you have the correct destination path: JPEG/ shootdate(mm-dd-yyy) lastname X# TK# Example: JPEG/ 11-19-2013 Carlson X157237 TK1. Please make sure jpegs are no larger than 2mb.

• When the jpeg images have finished uploading, Email your editor and let them know that the jpegs have been uploaded. The editor will then look through the take and send a request .txt file containing the list of raw images that they need for the story.

• Upload the requested raw images using Photomechanic to the correct destination path: (Send only the Raw images that are requested): HiRes/ shootdate(mm-dd-yyy) lastname X# TK# Example: HiRes/ 11-19-2013 Carlson X157237 TK1.

• When the Raw images have finished uploading, Email your editor and to let us know that all images have been sent.

• If you are missing the photomechanic guidelines or your XMP file, please notify the Techs at

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