Suggested settings for the Canon EOS 20D
Please note that these suggestions are a guide. Many custom function settings will be to the photographer's individual preferences, but leaving these few set as below will assure that anyone who picks up the camera will start off right. That's important for shared equipment.
Menu screen
Quality RAW+Large JPEG(top one)
Shoot w/out card Off
Color Space Adobe RGB
Parameters 2 (centered levels)
Auto-Rotate On
LCD Brightness Do NOT base your exposure on the screen brightness. Please use a hand-held meter or read your histogram.
Date/Time Set the proper info so that your images are tagged with the correct date and time.
File numbering Continuous
Helpful hints
Sensor dust Turn the camera off when changing lenses. If the sensor is charged, it will pick up more dust. Also, clean the back of your lenses before mounting. To clean your sensor, use the "sensor cleaning" option in the menu to lock up the mirror with an un-charged sensor. Then use a blower bulb to gently clean. NEVER use dust-off.
White balance For the most accurate balance, use custom WB by shooting a white card, selecting that image in the "custom WB" menu option, and then setting your white balance to "custom." Your white card setting will ONLY be used when you shoot on the "custom" setting.
New in the 20D The on/off switch has a third position to take the place of the command dial on/off switch. If you put the main on/off switch in the top position, it locks the command dial.
Custom Functions
01 0 - The set button (in the middle of the back dial) does nothing when shooting
02 1 - Turns on noise reduction for long exposures
03 1 - Locks 1/250 sync in Av mode
04 1 - Set focus to back button (use 0 if you prefer to focus with the shutter)
05 2 - Only fire AF assist light when using external flash
06 0 - 1/3 stop exposure increments
07 0 - Affects built-in flash when in program mode
08 0 - Turns off ISO expansion (3200)
09 0 - Auto bracketing sequence
10 0 - Focus point lights up in viewfinder
11 1 - When hitting menu button, it defaults to the previous selected menu item. We suggest leaving this on FORMAT so you can reformat quickly every time you put a new card in the camera
12 0 - Setting this to 1 locks up the mirror
13 1 - Allows focus point selection using the multi-selector (the little joystick on the back)
14 0 - E-TTL II flash mode
15 0 - 1st curtain flash sync
16 0 - Disables safety shift in Av or Tv mode
17 0 - Sets black button on front of long lenses to AF stop
18 0 - Used only for data verification kit
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