Suggested Settings for the Nikon D1X
Please note that these suggestions are a guide. Many custom function settings will be to the photographer's individual preferences, but leaving these few set as below will assure that anyone who picks up the camera will start off right. That's important for shared equipment.
Shooting menu:
Image Quality
Quality HIGH/NEF (raw)
Resolution LARGE
White Bal Gray card or color temp meter
File No. Seq ON
Playback menu:

You should be familiar with these functions. Generally, you can set them as you desire, with one exception: don't delete files. Files are like uncut negatives, and should always be either all downloaded to the office or the entire disk sent in.

CSM Menu:
01 Image Review OFF
02 EV Step 1/3
05 Anti-Mirror OFF
08 Mirror lock up OFF
13 Easy Exp Comp ON
15 Auto Meter Off 15-16
18 Monitor On 20 sec.
20 ISO Step 1/3
23 Image Sharp OFF
24 Tone Comp 24-2
26 Max Shots 9
27 Display BOTH
29 File Seq No. ON
31 ISO Boost OFF
32 Color Mode Adobe RGB
33 Hue Adjust 3
34 No Card Disab ON
36 Zoom Playback OFF
Set-Up Menu:
Date make sure date is correct
LCD Bright 4
Monitor Off 20 sec.
Helpful notes:
Setting the white balance with a gray card:
  1. Fill the viewfinder with the card. Nothing can be bleeding around the edges.
  2. In the Shooting Menu, highlight WB and press the multi-selector to the right to display the WB menu.
  3. Highlight the WB preset and press the multi-selector to the right. Set will be highlighted.
  4. With set highlighted, press the multi-selector to the right and the message "Please release the shutter" will be displayed.
  5. With the gray card in place, depress the shutter. A white balance value will be stored in "pre-set 1", but no image will be recorded.
  6. You have three pre-sets, so that you can store three white balances for three venues.
  7. If you have a colro temperature meter, you can use it to get close to one of the eight white balance values of the D1X. You can also use the chart on page 218-219 of the D1X manual to fine-tune your setting. A gray card, though, is still your best choice for an accurate reading of teh light under which you're shooting when the goal is neutral color, as it will be much of the time in sports venues.
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