Suggested Settings for the Nikon D2H
Please note that these suggestions are a guide. Many custom function settings will be to the photographer's individual preferences, but leaving these few set as below will assure that anyone who picks up the camera will start off right.
Playback menu:
You should be familiar with these functions. Generally, you can set them as you desire, with one exception: don't delete files. Files are like uncut negatives, and should always be either all downloaded to the office or the entire disk sent in.
Shooting menu:
Image Quality NEF (Raw)+JPEG Fine
Image Size Large
Raw compression ON
White Bal If unsure, use AUTO. Please don't use CLOUDY just to warm up a daylight image.
ISO Try to stay as low as possible. Do NOT use HI-1 or HI-2.
Tone Compensation Normal.
Color Mode II adobe rgb.
CSM Menu:
A1 AF-C mode Priority Release Button
A2 AF-S mode Priority Focus
A4 AF Activation AF-ON only
D2 Maximum shots 40
D5 file suquence number ON - this is very important
F7 Disable shutter if no CF card ON
Set-Up Menu:
Make sure you set the correct DATE and time. You can also use IMAGE COMMENT to attach your name and/or copyright info in the EXIF data.
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