Transmit Center

Below, you can find information about transmitting photos to the SI Photo Department.

NOTE: Please transmit only requested photos (meaning that you and a photo editor have discussed that this image is going to be sent to us). The information on this page should, under no circumstances, be used to send portfolios or similar promotional material.
Why do we care about captions?

Once you factor in the wire services and large picture agencies, the SI Photo department receives around 4,500 images a day. In order to deal with this kind of volume, we use a large-scale image database, and all of the photos that we receive are automatically inserted this database. Once inserted, the database is most easily searched by caption -- hence the need for captioned images.

Also, if your picture is used in the magazine, a proper caption ensures that it is properly credited, as well as ensuring that any subjects are properly identified.

Please send only captioned images (the captions should contain the name of the photographer and brief content information). For information about captioning images, please take a quick glance at our page on how to caption image files. When saving your files, the best file format is JPEG (Windows format, high quality, non-progressive) -- it works with our database well, and because of JPEG's compression, it provides the shortest transmission time.

Lastly, it is generally best to contact us before transmitting files (so that we can assure that they are received, and work with you to iron out any problems). The file name is important; filenames which contain "/", "?", or "*" will not get to us. Ideally, we'd love files with the ".jpg" file extension as well (provided that the file is a JPEG!).

If you need to contact us call (888) 31-PHOTO (or (212) 522-3131, and ask for Gina Houseman or Eric Rasco.

Transmit Method Relevant Addresses Comments
Web (HTTP Upload) Your web browser needs to support HTTP Upload (most current versions do).
E-Mail (Attached Files) JPEGs only, please (no .sit or .hqx files)

Please send ONLY loose Jpgs (not in folders), as this FTP site is set to auto-process. Please call us for further information.

Need an FTP client? For the PC, we recommend CuteFTP (download), and for the Mac, we recommend Fetch (instructions).

Associated Press Wire Route code NYNSP You just need to tell AP that you want to route the image to our route code, but be sure to let us know that the image is coming. Very helpful to us would be if you made sure that the image had "S" for the category, so that we keep it around. (See the captioning page for more details about this.)
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